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Lest We Forget

From The Tacoma Times, October 23, 1912.
By Berton Braley.

 While the contest rumbles all about,
   While the leaders hurry to and fro,
 While the speakers agitate and shout,
   While the streams of oratory flow,
 ‘Mid the talk that no one understands,
   ‘Mid the noise that all the country fills,
 Don’t forget the weary hearts and hands,
   Don’t forget the children in the mills!
 While we talk of tariff and of trust,
   Dream of referendum and recall,
 Down amid the clamor and the dust
   Childish toilers labor till they fall.
 While the war for ballots rages on,
   While the keen excitement ever thrills,
 Don’t forget the faces pale and wan,
   Don’t forget the children in the mills!
 These, who never know the joy of play,
   These, whose youth is filched away by greed,
 Turn to us their faces pinched and gray
   Asking us for comfort in their need.
 So, amidst the tumult and the press,
   Don’t forget the cruel toil that kills;
 Hear them moan in utter weariness,
   “Don’t forget the children in the mills!”

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