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Look Who’s Here!

From The Tacoma Times, September 28, 1912.
By Berton Braley.

 Now we are back to the months with the “r” in ‘em;
   Now are the bivalves again to the fore;
 Restaurant cooks on the menus are starrin’ ‘em;
   Oysters are back to their glory once more,
 Raw on the halfshell or stewed most deliciously,
   Skewered with bacon or temptingly fried,
 Ah, how we welcome them! How expeditiously
   Food such as this is invited inside!
 Doubtless there’s plenty of germs to avoid in ‘em,
   Microbes of everything under the sun,
 Cholera, ptomaine and double typhoid in ‘em;
   Still, now the season again has begun,
 We will take chances on what we may meet in ‘em,
   Spite of the warnings of doctor and sage.
 Oysters are bully, and folks who have eaten’ ‘em
   Frequently live to a noble old age

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