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  • Si Woggles

    From the Evening Star, June 9, 1915. By Philander Johnson.

    Si Woggles was a grocer’s clerk,
    Who grew superior to his work.
    He got to thinking more and more
    That he knew how to run the store.
    He pointed out with feelings grim
    The profits that were due to him,
    And he attributed each loss
    To interference by the boss.
    It fairly made him weep to see
    How obstinate the boss could be.
    Si reasoned with him and he tried
    To check those efforts misapplied.
    That careless boss, he answered back
    And said that He would Run the Shack!
    The conscience of Si Woggles burned,
    His thoughts to desperation turned,
    Till finally his fretted mind
    Became so fierce that Si resigned!
    Sad was the day when Si no more
    Came ‘round to open up the store,
    And weigh the merchandise with care
    And gossip with a friendly air.

    And yet the people came to buy.
    Some few said, “What’s become of Si?”
    But somehow that old grocery store
    Keeps doing business as of yore.