Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Speculators

    From the Harrisburg Telegraph, August 31, 1914.

    He’d nothing but his little job
        And she her rosy cheek,
    But love still lives on bread and cheese
        And kisses twice a week;
    And so the speculators went
        To get the license out—
    And what’s the use to try to preach
        When the wind of love’s about!

    He’d nothing but his manly will
        And she her gentle grace;
    But, oh, the world and all to him
        Was in her glowing face;
    And so these speculators took
        The problem all must fight—
    And what’s the use to fret and scold
        When all comes out so right!

    He’d nothing but his youth and gleam
        And she her laughing eyes;
    But they were in the vale of dreams
        Beneath the singing skies;
    And so these speculators chose
        Their nest as others do—
    And what’s the use to raise a fuss
        When they only did like you!