Newspaper History presents media sourced from a United States newspaper dating back 108 years.

  • Sure Fire

    From The Tacoma Times, September 17, 1912.
    By Berton Braley.
     My son, when you go to a vodyville show
       You’ll notice that people will shriek
     At jokes they have heard since the long, long ago
       And heard twenty times every week;
     The moral is plain, if you’ll read as you run;
       A novelty adds to our zest,
     But when it comes down to extracting the “Mon”
       The old stuff gets over the best!
     It may be all right when you’re courting a dame
       To talk about Ibsen and such,
     But take it from me—if you’d win at the game,
       You won’t stick to Ibsen so much;
     You’ll tell HER that SHE’S of a beauteous mold,
       A stunner becomingly dressed;
     You’ll tell all the lies that men always have told
       The old stuff gets over the best.
     In politics, business, society, art,
       However the world has progressed,
     It still remains true to the words I impart,
       “The old stuff gets over the best!”