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  • The After-Thought

    From the Evening Star, August 21, 1914. By Philander Johnson.

    “I fear I’m not a sportsman true,” said Nimrod McIntyre.
    “Some things that sportsmen have to do I cannot quite admire.
    Amid the joy with which we hail a triumph great or small,
    I can’t help feeling sorry for the creature that must fall.

    “I get the thrill which comes when in the water clear I look
    And see the fish that battles to gain freedom from the hook.
    And yet it’s not the joy unqualified that I would wish,
    For way down in my heart my sympathies are with the fish.

    “When, with my trusty gun in hand, to slay a bird I fail,
    I don’t feel blue at all. My sympathies are with the quail.
    And yet I fish and shoot; but with no genuine desire
    To kill a thing! Why is this so?” said Nimrod McIntyre.