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  • The Don’t-Worriers

    From the Evening Star, July 1, 1915.

    We started a “Don’t Worry” Club at Pohick on the Crick.
    We thought we’d stop the troubles that were gatherin’ too thick.
    We’d heard about the way that exercisin’ of the mind
    Would help us to be gay an’ leave our earthly cares behind.
    Sim Slicer said that he was through with worryin’ each day
    ‘Bout goin’ home an’ hearin’ what his wife would have to say.
    An’ all the fellers, they agreed the proper thing to do
    Was jes’ to think of pleasant things an’ hope that they’d come true.

    We sat an’ talked about the world so full of nature’s charm,
    An’ no one made allusions to the mortgage on the farm.
    We all took life so easy that Bill Briggs, who keeps the store,
    Resolved to shut it up an’ never fret hisself no more.
    Sim Slicer’s wife she led a crowd who said a thing or two
    ‘Bout various things, includin’ mortgages a-fallin’ due.
    It was a blissful dream from which we wakened all too quick.
    Now everybody’s worryin’ down to Pohick on the Crick.