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The Hunter

From The Topeka State Journal, December 18, 1914. By Roy K. Moulton.

He seeks no rabbits. They are too tame.
He’s going out for bigger game,
A thing he has wished to do
E’er since he was a barefoot boy.
He’s spent most all his hard earned dough,
More than he could afford to blow
Because he wants to go in style
And do the thing up simply right.
There’s nothing that he hasn’t bought
By way of fixin’ that he ought.
He’s all fussed up in hunting clothes
Of loud design and out of sight.
A week goes by. They get no word,
And start to wonder what’s occurred.
Until one day a telegram
Fills them with nervous dread and fear.
’Tis short but very eloquent
And everyone knows what is meant:
“Mistaken for a deer.”

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