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The Lost Wad

From The Sun, November 15, 1914.

The bells was ringing 8 o’clock, when to the store came Kate.
She should have come at 7, but the girl did sleep too late;
She was a weary salesgirl, and as she seemed real glum,
She felt beneath the counter for her working wad of gum.

The gum was gone. “Great Hevings!” cried the girl, “Oh, Mag! Oh Maud!
Some of youse girls came early and has beat me to my wad.”
The girls denied that they had took the gum and walked away,
But they did hang their heads in shame when Kate she then did say:

“I may be but a working girl, but working girls has rights,
And to preserve that wad of gum I kept it here at nights.
And no girl ain’t no lady, and a crook she has become
Who’d steal from any working girl her only wad of gum.”

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