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With Us Once Again

From The Topeka State Journal, September 28, 1914. By Roy K. Moulton.

Rah, Rah, Rah,
Zip, Boom, Bah.
    Old familiar sound.
See ‘em wince,
Bring the splints,
    Call the doctors round.
Mama’s boy,
Pride and joy,
    Laid out in the fray;
Five ribs broke,
What a joke,
    Dandy work, Hurray!
Kick their shins,
Break their chins,
    Tie ‘em in a knot.
Beat ‘em up,
Eat ‘em up,
    Drag ‘em ‘round a lot.
Smash the line;
Gee! Thats fine.
    Let no man escape.
Kill the ends,
Make their friends
    Put on yards of crepe.
Do your worst;
Do it first;
    There’s no law to fear.
Rah, Rah, Rah.
Zip, Boom, Bah.
    Football season’s here.

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