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The Ballad Automobilious

From The Sun, January 8, 1915.

The gas tank’s full of gasoline
    The crank case full of oil;
From top to tire, the whole machine
    Springs eager to its toil.

The top and windshield both are down,
    In rush the sun and wind;
They smooth away my furrowed frown
    And drive care from my mind.

The engine’s purr, the hum of gears
    All blend and make me feel
A newer music of the spheres,
    A symphony of steel.

Before me lies the broad highway
    Through village, wood and farm;
It lures me on, and I obey
    Its overwhelming charm.

No more I sigh, like Mercury,
    To fly on winged heel,
For Vulcan with new sorcery
    Has forged me wings of steel!

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